I’ve always had an obsession with creating out-of-the-ordinary things. Perhaps it started during afternoons spent in my father’s elementary school art room where, while he planned lessons, I painted, cut and pasted. Or maybe it was the summers spent with my grandmother, a woman whose house was like Christmas of the crafting variety – plenty of fabric scraps, loads of yarn and a whole room dedicated to her crafts. I’m a self-professed craft addict – you name it and I’ve probably tried it.

My husband and I live in an area known for its slightly edgy, alternative population. As many of our friends started to have children, I knew that pastel clothing or cartoon animal prints weren’t going to work but I had a hard time finding something that would. So, I whipped out my sewing machine with one aim in mind: anything but pink and blue.

I started with blankets – easy enough, a square piece of skull-emblazoned fabric backed with a super soft fabric: a juxtaposition perfect for the newest members of our ‘anything but the norm’ community.

But it wasn’t before long that I decided people needed more so I developed a line of crib bedding, clothing and accessories – with new ideas and more products always in the works. I love the combination of the unexpected – of new patterns, colors and design in an industry that’s inundated with a glut of homogeneous options.

Each Jigabug Baby item is handcrafted – using quality materials with attention to special details that make our items special and unique. We make sure all of our products are well-constructed, functional and, most of all, fun.

Sure, I get the odd comment - the questionable looks when I show people a Day of the Dead themed crib bedding set or a tattoo-themed pant set for a 3-month old – but I believe there are people out there that want other options, people who are just waiting for Jigabug Baby.

-Robin Shetler
Owner, Jigabug Baby